Autumn | Winter 2018

Autumn | Winter 2018

Emancipation is the leitmotiv of Marina Hoermanseder‘s Autumn | Winter collection, emphasised by expressive details. Here, the designer paints a contrast-rich picture of strong female warriors as well as the glitzy, glorious life of the 1920s.   

In the new collection, Marina Hoermanseder’s signature design, the leather buckle, becomes a symbol of her vision and focus: an alliance among women. With plenty of self-confidence and a voice of their own, they seize their privileges and work together; never in competition and unchecked by role constraints or power imbalances. Together, clad in attractive military styles and elaborate leather designs, they march towards a female future. Intricate quilted jackets in camouflage hues and premium camo outfits are their trusted companions, offering welcome protection.

The glamour of Berlin’s Golden Twenties accentuates the sophisticated cut and execution of the collection. Its shimmering fabrics and fine chiffon sketches a picturesque vision of dazzling femininity for an inimitable, impactful entrance. 

All of the collection’s handmade leather items, drawing inspiration from the wealth of shapes found in orthopaedics, underscore Marina Hoermanseder’s penchant for progressive silhouettes. Carefully selected key pieces, ranging from a 3D-look leather skirt and voluminous ski suit to corsets and strap pants fashioned from thin leather strips or overlong coats and tight dresses, demonstrate how the designer continues to reinvent herself, based on her founding inspiration. After all, to change herself with a view to the future, any woman first needs to realise that she has a history.  

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