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Spring |Summer 2015

Spring |Summer 2015

Feminine contours, high-cut seams, and an elegant eroticism re- call the glamourous bath and bodice lingerie of the 50s, was the impetus for this collection. Soft, cool pastels such as lemon yellow, apricot, sandbeige and gentian blue bring together a summery airiness with hard, weighted materials, creating a high contrast look. Ruched, draped leather and colorful straps break with the severity of the leather and unite fetish with elegance. The extravagant leather designs are complemented by ready-to- wear pieces including playful silk blouses, knee-length bermudas, and white shimmering pearl neoprene. For these, Hoermanseder references elements from 50s men’s fashion, skillfully transfor- ming them to more feminine contours.

The highlights of this collection are the avant-garde pieces, for which Hoermanseder also made use of real stone. To create the mus- sel optic from elaborately draped stone in the collection’s softly cascading stone cape, jumper and skirt, the designer looked to the scientific aquatic illustrations of philosopher Ernst Haeckel, as well as to organic forms such as oysters and coral. In spite of un- conventional and heavy materials, the designer manages to forge a feminine softness that is uniquely captivating.

With her SS15 collection, Marina Hoermanseder celebrates the femi- nine silhouette and creates extraordinary designs for strong women. 

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