Gift Cards

Gift card 

Marina Hoermanseder gift card are available online and can be used on the website of only. Cards can be purchased in the values of 25, 50, 100, 200, 250 euro

Please note that we deliver the gift card only electronically through email, right after the payment is made.

Payment with gift card

Gift cards can only be spent on the official website of Marina Hoermanseder, Per order only one gift card can be redeemed.

To use the gift card:

  1. Choose your selected products and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Check whether the size(s) and quantity of the desired product(s) is/are correct.
  3. Enter your unique giftcard code in the coupon code section at checkout.
  4. Select the apply button before continuing to the next step of the checkout process 
  5. Your gift card will not be debited until you have confirmed all your details are correct by clicking on the “PLACE ORDER” step at checkout. 

The marina Hoermanseder gift card will have to be redeemed completely in one order and any possible rest balance cannot be saved for a next order. In case the value of your order is more than the total value of the gift card, the remaining amount will have to be paid through one of the payment methods that we accept.

  • Gift cards can be combined with promotional offers. 
  • The gift card cannot be used to purchase another gift card.
  • The normal terms and conditions of purchasing and the use of the website of apply.