7. August 2017

The most stylish national Post you might ever heard of

Last week Marina presented her designs for the national Austrian Post in Vienna. In order to create wearable and functional pieces, she had a rather unconventional idea: Marina decided to plunge into the world of a post officer and became one herself for a day!

Her goal was to understand the inner workings of a postman’s workday. So she stood up a 6 am, drove the typical post scooter,...

23. June 2017

The Kasper Flowers creation process – from a leather piece to an artwork

You may never have thought about where one of our signature pieces, the leather flowers, comes from. 

I want to show you our work closer and the amazing handwork behind these pieces. Firstly we punch out lots of flower shaped pieces out of leather. Later on in the process, it is time to form the flowers. We gently moisten the back part of the basic form. And depending on the final look...

19. November 2016


Oh yeah, we are doing it right now! There was the idea of having a blog for quite a while – and finally that day has come!

You might have discovered it already: We completely reworked our website and from now on we’d like to share some more news, stories and looks with you. Rihanna wore our Body, Karl Lagerfeld passed by, we did the shooting for the Spring/ Summer 2017 collection and...

18. November 2016

Between Beauty and Horror - The Neon Demon

Like in all his movies director Nicolas Winding Refn central topic at various levels is about „seeing“ – and so it is in his latest film The Neon Demon, which is visually supported by some pieces of Marina Hoermanseder.

The story?
16 year old teenage girl Jesse (played by Elle Fanning) comes to L.A. to launch a modeling career. She is surrounded by an aura of innocence that...

27. October 2016


Marina Hoermanseder‘s latest collection pays homage to a blissful summer’s day brimming with dazzling butterflies, bold flowers and glittery pearls. 

The Spring | Summer 2017 collection by Marina Hoermanseder whisks us away to the French Riviera. A delightful blend of exuberance, ease and noblesse conjures up the seductive joie de vivre of the Côte d’Azur. Here, maritime stripes remind...

27. October 2016

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world - ruled by Rihanna

  • Rihanna wearing Marina Hoermanseder for W Magazine photographed by Steven Klein

This is not the end, it took us to new spheres of fashion!

There were plans month ago, but we kept our mouth shut, cause it seemed a bit too far – but yeah, this really happend: Rihanna wore the red body for a shooting of W's.
The whole editorial is a dystopian visit to a...

27. October 2016

Forced to be stylish: What’s it with the buckle?

There is a reason the press started writing about Marina and her style calling it „Fetisch Couture“... one of the elements reminding us of that topic is the buckle.

You probably noticed that the buckle is nearly everywhere when it comes to leather pieces: from the Kasper bag to our Strap Skirt. It’s not just an accessoire, it also shows up at Prêt-à-porter over and over again, it...

27. October 2016

It must be love: Hello Kitty x Marina Hoermanseder

You might have come across our cooperation with Hello Kitty – we debuted it on Bread & Butter 2016 in September.
But seriously: How did that happend?!
To talk fair and square: When it comes to Hello Kitty Marina is the biggest fangirl ever. Like EVER!
Her apartment...

26. October 2016

The day Marina met Karl Lagerfeld

Paris Fashion Week 2016 just passed – and this is like a flashback friday for us.

It’s been a year since Marina presented her collection there in the course of Der Berliner Mode Salon. The initiative that is co-founded by Marcus Kurz brings together the best of German fashion design talent. At some point the evening was...

26. October 2016

Milan Fashion Week 2016 x Lineapelle x Marina Hoermanseder

There is no time like fashion week time!

Milan Fashion Week 2016 took place from 21st to 27th of September and invited by Mercedes Benz and our highly appreciated Fashion Council Germany we had the pleasure of presenting six key pieces of our new collection. We've been feeling proud among some very...