Between Beauty and Horror - The Neon Demon

18. November 2016

Between Beauty and Horror - The Neon Demon

Like in all his movies director Nicolas Winding Refn central topic at various levels is about „seeing“ – and so it is in his latest film The Neon Demon, which is visually supported by some pieces of Marina Hoermanseder.

The story?
16 year old teenage girl Jesse (played by Elle Fanning) comes to L.A. to launch a modeling career. She is surrounded by an aura of innocence that awakens desire and makes her the rising star of L. A.'s fashion world – which of course is followed by envy, distrust and hate from her rivals.

You might already know the Danish director from his movies Drive, Pusher, Valhalla Rising or Only God Forgives. If you have seen just one of them you probalbly recognized that there is some violent content and blood in a highly visual aesthetic imagery – that’s a typical Refn!
So if you aren’t into bizarre and stylised violence: Do not look The Neon Demon – it takes it to a new level!
But if that's your thing: Let yourself join that impressive fever dream, where every scene is precisely and hypnotically composed between beauty and horror.

This composition is one more reason for Marina Hoermanseder at The Neon Demon – and why a huge compliment was made by The Neon Demon’ director Nicolas Winding Refn himself when he emphasised: „The movie got to another ending because of Marina’s designs!“


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