The day Marina met Karl Lagerfeld

26. October 2016

The day Marina met Karl Lagerfeld

Paris Fashion Week 2016 just passed – and this is like a flashback friday for us.

It’s been a year since Marina presented her collection there in the course of Der Berliner Mode Salon. The initiative that is co-founded by Marcus Kurz brings together the best of German fashion design talent. At some point the evening was a flurry of camera flashlights and people whispering „He is here" What the F....... ! 

He is a living legend. He is Karl Lagerfeld.

That was shortly before Karl met Marina – and he marvelled in great detail at the Strap Skirt RAINBOW Marina was wearing and placed on the record: "Ihr Rock ist ja auch steil" (which translates to "Your skirt is gorgeous", but in an old fashioned way).

It was fabulous. No more words. Swoon.