Forced to be stylish: What’s it with the buckle?

27. October 2016

Forced to be stylish: What’s it with the buckle?

There is a reason the press started writing about Marina and her style calling it „Fetisch Couture“... one of the elements reminding us of that topic is the buckle.

You probably noticed that the buckle is nearly everywhere when it comes to leather pieces: from the Kasper bag to our Strap Skirt. It’s not just an accessoire, it also shows up at Prêt-à-porter over and over again, it completes jackets, pants and for SS17 it also fits in the form of lace for blouses.

The buckle started it’s triumphal procession cause Marina is inspired by orthopedics. Completly fascinated by corsets and the way buckles are arranged over everything and below, she delved deeply into the topic with photographs and drawings from bygone eras and high technology of orthopedics. And that’s why the buckle is now one of our trademarks.

It came to stay.