It must be love: Hello Kitty x Marina Hoermanseder

27. October 2016

It must be love: Hello Kitty x Marina Hoermanseder

You might have come across our cooperation with Hello Kitty – we debuted it on Bread & Butter 2016 in September.
But seriously: How did that happend?!
To talk fair and square: When it comes to Hello Kitty Marina is the biggest fangirl ever. Like EVER!
Her apartment is literally filled from floor to ceiling with Hello Kitty – and that’s how this cooperation came to life. Hello Kitty recognized Marina in a home story in Madonna Magazin and wanted to cooperate. Together they made up a whole new universe, even with an own logo – what a smashing highlight for a fangirl!

Hello Kitty x Marina Hoermanseder team t-shirts and sweaters, silk scarfs are available at Zalando and you'll find the Kasper bag and some accessories like key chains in our shop.

Best cat content ever – spread the love! <3 


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