The most stylish national Post you might ever heard of

7. August 2017

The most stylish national Post you might ever heard of

Last week Marina presented her designs for the national Austrian Post in Vienna. In order to create wearable and functional pieces, she had a rather unconventional idea: Marina decided to plunge into the world of a post officer and became one herself for a day!

Her goal was to understand the inner workings of a postman’s workday. So she stood up a 6 am, drove the typical post scooter, delivered letters and stood behind the post counter for a whole day! Watch the video online

After this experience she realized, that functioning safety is essential, due to hard weather conditions and bad visibility, especially in the morning.

So how does the new design look?

Different post stamps from each of the nine Austrian states pimp the yellow T-shirts. For the ladies, Marina has designed a very classy A-line dress wombined with the MH’s iconic strap scarve. For colder days she designed a windbreaker with integrated gloves.

Marina’s know-how gives her the great possibility to combine the beautiful with the practical, which will improve the daily routine of all Austrian post employees.

In 2019, the new designs will be worn by 12 000 workers.

So to all our Austrian readers: get ready for very stylish postmen and women on the roads of Austria!

Continue reading about Marina Hoermanseder on Vogue.

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